Love is so diverse and NOT finite… so why not embrace it ALL!?  
Source: http://imgur.com/xPacZwN


Love is so diverse and NOT finite… so why not embrace it ALL!?  

Source: http://imgur.com/xPacZwN


ideas for a self care day:

  • sleep in and stay under the covers when you wake up, get very comfortable and warm
  • if you want to get out of bed, pick something cozy to wear
  • drink very cold water or hot tea
  • doodle aimlessly
  • read a book you love dearly
  • sleep some more
  • go outside, even if its just your backyard, and relax
  • look at tiny beautiful things like flowers and ants
  • listen to music that makes you want to dance and dance your heart out

pls be kind to yrself and yr body i love u

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A List of Christmas Themed Web Resources



So it’s Christmas in ten days and here’s a short list of web resources that might come in handy if you wanted to customize/create a Christmas related theme or any other sort of design work. Or maybe just listen to some Christmas music.

Hey, It’s Christmas Music Compilation
Suboel (Christmas Bitmap Font)
Tutorial for snowflakes on your blog

Christmas Icons (.psd)
More Christmas Icons (.psd)
New Christmas Icons (.psd)
Christmas Icons (.eps)
Christmas Vector Icons (.eps)
16 Winter Icons (.eps/.jpg)
Mini Christmas Icons
Free Christmas Vector Icons
18 Christmas & New Year Icons (PSD Included)
39 Smashing Christmas Icons
Xmas Sticker Icons
Festive Christmas Icon Pack (20 .EPS Icons)
Christmas Stamp Icons (.ai)
Xmas OS Icons (.png)
Christmas Icon Set (28 vectors)

30 Christmas Snowflakes (.psd)
12 Santa Hats (.png)
Winter Animal (.png)
Christmas Vector Art Characters Pack
Christmas Themed Sketchy Vector Graphics Pack
269 Christmas Textures/Hats

Snowflake PS brushes
Christmas Badge & Label PS Brushes
Vector Snowflakes EPS and Brushes
Photoshop Brushes: Snowflakes
Christmas Brush Doodles Brushes

2 Christmas Pattern
Vintage-Retro Xmas Patterns
Seamless Christmas Patterns 2
Snowflake Background Patterns
Glitter Backgrounds (.png)
Holiday Felt Board Pattern
Snowflakes Pattern
Christmas Seamless Pattern

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No sugardaddies. No sugar mamas. No sugarbabies. Full socialism in romantic relationships. There are only sugarcomrades.

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Clearly his butt is cursed.  That’s why none of the boyfriends has touched the butt.

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This is what happens to a basketball court when the pipes burst

this is the greatest basketball challenge of all time



This is what happens to a basketball court when the pipes burst

this is the greatest basketball challenge of all time

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this will be my child


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celebrities that get more shit than they should:

  • nicki minaj
  • ke$ha
  • miley cyrus
  • lorde
  • lindsay lohan
  • taylor swift

celebrities that don’t get enough shit:

  • justin bieber
  • nash grier
  • justin bieber

notice how the first list is all women leading the industry. notice how the second list is two teenage boys who think they run shit but they’re hurting people.

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Hey guys!! I’ve been meaning to do a giveaway for reaching 1k so here it is!!! 

*NOTE*: ALL of these socks have been worn very little and are practically new. 

What you will receive: 

  • a pair of spooky halloween crew socks 
  • a pair of super super warm and fuzzy crew socks 
  • a pair of spacey knee socks 
  • a pair of cat knee socks 
  • A handwritten note by me!! 
  • Maybe a few other little things~ 


  • Must be following me (this is for my followers) 
  • Must have your askbox OPEN 
  • Must be willing/have PERMISSION to give out your address (i will not be responsible for angry parents) 
  • If you do not respond within three days if you are chosen, I will pick another winner 
  • likes do not count (but are ok for bookmarking!) 
  • NO giveaway blogs (thats just rude tbh) 

More info: 

  • All socks are one size 
  • Will ship internationally 
  • will be using a random generator (i do not play faves sorry)
  • Ends October 31st, Halloween!  

If this reaches 1,000 notes, I will add possibly another pair of socks or something just as neat!!! 

Feel free to ask questions!!! good luck!! :^)

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queer teenage girls have to look out for each other because who the fuck else is going to???????

The “queer teenage girls” bit is unnecessary. “People” would have sufficed.

prime example of people not giving a shit about queer teenage girls lmao

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Rei blinked, Nagisa’s voice pulling him out of his thoughts, “It’s not too far, I guess we could go drop them off.” He smiled and took the bag from Nagisa, “You carry this one.” He handed him the lighter bag, taking the bag of books.  He knew Nagisa was strong but he was also small, he didn’t want the other to get too tired.

Nagisa blinked as the bags were switched and then laughed.  ”I could have carried that one, but I’m not gonna complain about being given the lighter one,” he grinned.  ”Where else should we go after we drop these off?”

"You pick this time." Rei offered, since he didn’t want to be overbearing. He held the door open for Nagisa as they walked out, and once they were on a quiet street, he slipped his free hand into his and intertwined their fingers.